Be a part of your community


We all crave a sense of belonging and to be a part of something that is greater than ourselves. The SCPGC Online Community is that place. This online space is the arena in which our sense of belonging can be fulfilled.  It is your home for meeting and networking with other industry professionals where you can share meaningful insights and learn from others.


SCPGC Online Community Benefits

Special Interest Groups

Connect with like-minded peers in a safe space where you can share ideas, explore solutions, and learn new ways to serve your clients.

Members Only Content

Access members-only content including webinar recordings, white papers, sponsor content and more.

Online Event Platform

Our virtual event platform is hosted right inside the community.  This allows you to chat with other attendees and see special content without ever having to navigate to another website.

Access to Partner Content

Our educational and event partners will house special content just for members in our online community for you to access whenever you need it.